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bootsdeal I picked up an LC9 right after they came out. I did have a few problems. My Hammer Catch Spring failed and I had to send it off to Ruger. I also, was concerned that my slide was too loose. Ruger sent me another pistol. The slide is still loose (in my opinion), not like my SR9c. The trigger pull is long. It's supposed to be since it's a DA only pistol not Striker Fired. If you're familiar with shooting revolvers you shouldn't have any problem with this. I will say the trigger pull on mine is real smooth. If they will let you, where you're looking at buying your LC9, dry fire it with the magazine in place. This way you can decide for yourself if the trigger pull is for you or not. I think the LC9 was designed for what their customers were looking for. The Ruger LCP was out there and a big success. People were asking for a small 9mm. It only makes sense that Ruger would design the LC9 around the LCP. I believe the LC9 is a great concealed carry weapon and I carry either it or my SR9c every day. I'm completely confident in this pistol. Good luck...when it comes down to it you still have to make the final decision. ;)
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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