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*REMOVE-SOLD* Ruger M77 MK II Target rifle .308 WIN, Stainless and Scope

Remove-SOLD @ Auction

RIFLE : UPDATE- New Pictures added with Camo Wrap Removed

Ruger M77 Mark II Target rifle in .308 WIN
this rifle is the Stainless Steel model.
Rifle manfactured by Ruger in 1996, I purchased the rifle new in 2000

The rifle*features a matte stainless steel finish that resists corrosion.
Has a heavy contour, hammer-forged barrel with target crown provides long-range accuracy shot after shot.*

The wide, target fore end gives stability on sandbags or other support surfaces.

With a one-piece bolt that has proven to be one of the strongest on the market, integral scope bases which can never shoot loose,
and a diagonally angled forend screw that adds accuracy by securely pulling the barreled action down
into the handsome dark brown laminate stock

It is in overall beautiful condition with only couple small minor scratches and couple
dings mostly on the left side of the stock below receiver and scratch on very flat bottom
of the stock, not seen unless rifle is turned over see the pictures

The CAMO Gun Wrap is easily removed and leaves no sticky residue and if care is taken
can be used again and again. Its much like the new type self sticking medical wraps you
get now at the Dr's or Hospital. Beautiful Bore, Lands & Grooves
I have currently removed the camo wrap to show the beautiful black/brown laminate stock
and I am leaving the camo wrap off, but it will be included with the rifle should new owner
want to use it.

Barrel Length: 26 "
Material: Stainless Steel
Finish: Matte
Capacity: 4 +1
Weight: 9.25 lbs
Overall Length: 46 "
Grooves: 6
Length of Pull: 13.50 "
Twist: 1:10" RH

Bushnell Elite 3200 3x9x40
DOA 600 reticle
Rain Guard HD
Ultra Wide Band Coating
Multi Coated optics
Magnum recoil proof construction
One piece tube
100% water proof, fog proof and shock proof
Argon purged
1/4 MOA or finer fingertip, audible and resettable*
windage and elevation adjustment
ELITE Bullet Proof Warranty
1" Body Tube
Butler Creek Flip Up Scope Covers

NOTE: In regards to the reticle the*DOA 600 is calibrated for centerfire rifles with aim points calibrated at 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600 yards.*
To read more visit:


Butler Creek soft foam padded sling with 4 cartridge holders and Quick Release Swivels*
(Ammo in pictures not included)


Nice Soft Slip on Butt Cover with flap and holds 9 rds of ammo
(Ammo in pictures not included)

Selling: $SOLD

Trade Value:

Trades also considered:
Egyptian Hakim,
Military type Trench Shotgun clones OK,
Military Rifles, or ??? (no sporterized rifles).
P1/P38 9mm
Older Rem 870 Police/Riot shotguns,
Swiss Ljungman,
Norinco Trench Shotgun,
OR ????

I took a lot of pictures of it and if there are any questions please ask.
Investment in this rifle is over $1325

Full set of pictures can be viewed here: Ruger M77 Mark II Target in .308 WIN - Imgur
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