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After enduring flush mount magazine problems on my Compact .243,
I bought a Magpul American Hunter stock that takes AI pattern magazines.
It was so nice, I decided it needed a full growed man rifle in it.
So to try and keep up with you youngsters I bought a Predator 6.5 CM
off of Gunbroker.

The one that the seller had pictured and described
had the flush mount magazines
which is the reason it must have been so inexpensive.
When I received it, however, it had the Ruger modular stock!
That was a bonus. I moved it over to the Compact .243.
But wait, there's more.

Can you believe it. The AI pattern magazines,
whether the one provided by Ruger or Magpul, would not latch in.
Failure to feed and massive jamming ensued, again.
Oy vey.

Now to be honest, this problem may have been self inflicted.
The modular stock was intended for a Predator.
I put it on a Compact. That may be why it did not latch up.
And to tell the truth I can't remember checking the magazines
on the Predator because the stock was coming off.
But here goes anyway.

Upon careful examination, it was clear that the magazine latch
was too long to engage the little lug on the magazine.

Using a 1/8 punch, I drove out the latch pin,
placed the latch in a vise and filed down the tip.
Using the assembly tool and slave pin provided by Ruger,
I reassembled the magazine latch, spring and pin.

This I repeated about four times by trial and error
until the latch was short enough to engage the lug
and secure the magazines.

By the way, I found it much easier to work
with the trigger guard facing away from me.
The assembly tool also provides a convenient block
to drive the latch pin into. Leave the punch in the pin hole
and pull the pin from underneath. Trap the latch assembly
to keep the spring from flying away and pull the punch out.
To reassemble brace the rifle against something to compress the spring.

In addition to being too long, the tip of the latch was not square
and had a blunt obtuse angle. I squared it up
and made the tip a sharp acute angle, dehorned with a stone.

The pictures are not as finely focused as I would like,
but you can get the idea.

Ruger had machined the tip and blued it,
but it was not short enough, not square and poorly beveled.

About halfway there.

Almost finished.

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