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If you have an older Ruger P95 with no rail like I have, I contacted Beamshot 1-888-532-2221 & spoke with Mike. He told me about Laser B1000S/B & and Trigger Guard Mount P26/B. Check it out. I ordered laser & mount from him.
Hope this helps

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You should check out this site:

He/they are making mounts with accessories for all sorts of pistols that do not have rails.
Dan at Ariete Arms is making me a magnetic laser sight for my Ruger P95.
Prices are very reasonable.

At this time (03/16/2013) there is not an option on the web site to just order the mount and
laser for a Ruger P95 (they have the option for a P89 ... but that one won't work on
the P95). But if you send an email and tell them what you want you will get a response almost
immediately (at least that was my experience) ... and (since he has already made one) your mount
and laser should be available to you right away.

This looks to be an awesome solution ... if it is not, I will let you know.

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YES - a LASER CAN be Mounted

Late to the party. BUT, spent a LOT of time on the phone this morning. Beamshot DOES make a Laser Mount and Sight for the P95. Here is what I found out.

Called Mike @ Beamshot (888-532-2221 - Follow prompt for Beamshot and Mike will answer). He suggested I call Ruger and see if the mold for the Polymer frame for previous models had been changed. Familiar with Molding and YES, you DO start with a previous print or model and sometimes just "tweak it" and then you can salvage your old mold by reworking or retooling it. Therefore, he THOUGHT that the profile of the Trigger Guard was similar to the Rugers listed for their P6. Also looked at the Brownell blow-ups and they SURE looked the did the pictures of the P93 compared to my P95.

Called Ruger. Got directly to the "P" Support group in AZ. The tech, a line person, confirmed that the profile of the P93 was almost identical to the P95 and that a trigger guard mount that fit the P93 would work. Might have to do a little filing or Dremel work, but nothing exotic. Probably just bolt it on.

Talked then to Mike. This is what he said you would need.

P6 Mount - Go to the Catalogue download and download it. Scroll to P 36 and blow it up. The pictures of the guns and such show the Mount. He quoted me a special price on all 3, but the TOTAL of all THREE components SHOULD be less than $125 Shipped USPS.

B1000S/B-CRADLE. This is the laser he recommends and they have been making them for 20 plus years and have a good reputation. This comes with a REMOTE (wire) On/Off wire switch.

SP1 On/Off Switch. This replaces the Remote switch (removes the wire). Therefore if you do NOT want a wired On/Off. That is about the same ($25 or so) as the Mount, so it IS Optional.

There you have it. NOW, the downside is that it will be LARGER than a rail mounted sight....but if all you want is to SHOOT from any angle and want a Laser....this would be it. Probably a little bulky for CARRY.

BUT, if you want a "nightside" or drawer weapon (car glove compartment?) and don't plan to actually tote it in a compact holster, this would be the way to go.

Still on the fence as to whether to sell or swap and get the SR9C (3313) and then a compact Laser. MIGHT just keep it or give it daughter for bedroom weapon.

Mike also said that Beamshot had a Green Laser (Rail) that would work on the SR9C. It is their GB800. He said that they continually ship these to Sportsmans Guide....100 per order and they order many per year. I went out to Sportsmans Guide and looked at it. Has 68 reviews and a 4 1/2 Star. Pretty impressive.

Hope this helps someone. IF I upgrade, I probably WILL put this one on my new Ruger. MIGHT order one for my AR556.
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