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Steps to increase accuracy and prevent stovepipes / failure to feed.

1. Attachment adjustment knob is to loose. Tighten to make it “hard” to remove barrel.

2. Failure to cycle the bolt 3 or 4 times before use.

3. Attachment stock / forearm screws not torqued to 65 inch lbs.

4. Extractor in mag well is bent (slamming mags into well).

5. Ejector issues. Replace ejector with exact edge ejector from MCARBO.

6. Worn buffer / buffer clip (OEM parts are soft plastic — worn parts allow “wobble” & hard recoil)

7. Recoil spring needs to be upgraded to slow down cycling rate.

8. Optic mounts not properly torqued. Use Blue #242 locktite.

9. Replace trigger springs to reduce pull weight.

Using a $100 red dot I can put 17 rounds in a quarter size hole at 25 yards. At 50 yards the group opens up to 2 to 3 inches depending on the ammo (115g & 124G FMJ). Please feel free to add your own tips to improve this very fun gun. My friend shot mine and after our range trip went out and purchased his own.
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