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I like AR's in .223/5.56. If not for the noise and expense, I never would have tried the pcc. But I did and I love it. Actually, its about the only new design weapon I can think of in the past 20 years that excited me. (Many new optics have) ...
Mine is the 19122 model. It is heavy. But I have found that the optic and placement make a HUGE difference to the overall ballance of the thing. The heaviesh barrel is highly accurate. I cannot imagine a can on it. But it does not need it. It's pretty quiet as is. I do not shoot in competitions, and if I did I would run an ar pattern. But where the pcc excels is where that typical AR fails. It is direct blowback. Perfect for handgun calibers. Short range accuracy. If you like what a 9mm or .40cal, feels like in a side arm, find the 9mm or .40cal useful, the pcc is a great way to enhance it.
Just my thoughts. That barrel would not be a good choice for me, as it would diminsh what the gun does well, at least for me. And I like the take down feature. So easy to clean the barrel!
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts