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I lucked into a PC Charger about a month ago, finally got it out to the range today. I had attached a buffer tube to the rear picatinny rail and installed a SB Tactical SOB brace.
Fired about 120 or so rounds mixed from my mystery 9mm grab bag box. Mostly Blazer Brass, Winchester White Box, and other "range" rounds. I had a low cost red dot mounted on it. More about that later. I also own one of the PC9 Carbines.

Out of those 120 rounds, I had one failure the 3rd round in the first magazine did not feed,it went nose up and was bent by the bolt. No other failures.

I shot at 7, 10 and 25 yards.
I used Glock 17 and 30 round magazines.

Starting at 10 yards, I found out that the sight was off, about 3-4 inches low and 3-4 inches to the left of the shooter.
The remainder of the time I fired using some Kentucky windage, holding about 3 inches high and 3 inches to the right of the shooter from where I wanted to hit.
All rounds were fired sitting (I have MS and can't stand for long periods) and freehand.

At 7 and 10 yards it was a tack driver. Firing 17 or 30 rounds, there would be 1 or 2 flyers, but the rest would cut out a hole about the size of a half dollar. Using the Kentucky windage to account for the out of true sight, I could put the rounds pretty much where I wanted.

At 25 yards, all rounds were on target, but it was more of a shotgun spread. Getting out to that distance is hard on my old eyes and with my MS my hands are not that steady. Considering how accurate it was at 10 yards, I would have to put the poor spread at 25 to my failure not the guns.

I did incidentally and without forethought shoulder the brace. (Hi ATF man)

To steal a line from Jeff Quinn, it is a dandy little weapon.

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