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Ruger SR762 chambered in 7.62x51 NATO/.308 Winchester.
1. Purchased new by seller on 1/16/17 and duly registered.
2. Approximately 375 rounds fired
3. Included accessories:
a. Original Ruger black & red case
b. Original Ruger grip panels
c. Ruger accessory rail sections
d. Magpul STR stock
e. Precision Armament MR472 muzzle brake
f. POF Tomahawk ambidextrous charging handle and Ruger stock unit
g. Bipod, Voodoo case, scope & scope mount pictured not included

Purchase price $ 1,585.00

Shipping will be by UPS via FFL to FFL only. FFLs will verify licenses as needed.

Shipping costs to be paid by buyer.

Buyer responsible for all background checks, transfer fees and other regulatory items required by your local jurisdiction.

4. Accessories For Sale:

a. Nikon M308 4-16x42 scope, BDC 800 reticle with Warne XSKEL mount $275

b. Voodoo Tactical 36” double rifle case, black. $80
c. Bipod is not available.

Package price: Rifle with all accessories listed: $1925

Accessories will be shipped directly to buyer in a separate container, Shipping costs to be paid by buyer.

Prices are negotiable but lowball offers will be politely ignored.

PM me here with any questions.


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