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Thursday started as a normal work-at-home day. Little workout in the living room with the kettle bells and a walk around the yard before logging on.
2 PM still doing good.
3 PM decided to carry a couple bags of trash out to the garage to haul down to the road. I try to get up and walk around at least every hour to prevent another DVT like several years back.
The two bags were light. Could carry them in one hand. I was panting for breath and sweating profusely before I could get to the garage. Put the bags in the truck, took a break to get my breath back, and walked back to the house. Again, panting and sweating.
The rest of the evening was pretty non-eventful. Could make coffee, wash dishes, and such with no distress whatsoever.

About 3:30 Friday morning I woke up early, put on a tshirt, pair of gym shorts, and a pair of socks. And felt like I had just run up a flight of stairs! Made my way out to another room, hit a recliner, and took about 5 minutes to catch my breath, still convinced it wasn't anything cardiac.
Made it back halfway to the bedroom and took another break. Then got into the bedroom where the Boss Lady woke due to the panting and asked if I was OK. I told her "I think I'm in trouble", and went back to the living room and sat down inside the front door. She got dressed and I told her to just pull her car up to the front door. No way I could make it to the garage.

Took me to the ER where I was put on oxygen. That had a little effect. But any exertion at all left me exhausted. Out of breath, sweating, and muscles burning.

Found out I have a clot from the head of my femur to my knee. And that is after it had lost a bunch of chunks to cause bi-lateral pulmonary embolism. Clots in both lungs.
The ER gave me a bolus of heprin and started a heprin drip. That cleared out the lungs enough so the oxygen they had put on could have a little better effect. Got transported to another branch of the hospital that afternoon where they inserted a filter in my inferior vena cava (just under my heart).

People in the ER kept looking at me with that deer in the headlights look. Couldn't figure out why. Boss Lady kept telling me I was really, really lucky I woke up when I did, that if I had slept until the alarm went off at 4:30, I would have been wandered off in the woods. One of the EMTs took a picture of me with his cellphone and showed it to me. I was almost as blue as the suffocation victims you see on TV.

Got released from the sick house yesterday afternoon. Back at work (from home) this morning, and feeling almost right as rain. Just can't walk fast from here to there. Or carry much from anywhere to anywhere else.
Fixed lunch, washed the dishes, no probs.
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Thanks to everyone for the supportive posts.
And, yes, I am very lucky to still be here.
Due to changes in insurance at the end of the year, I had to change primary care physicians in the middle of all of this. Had a new patient encounter with him yesterday. Real nice guy. And sharp. The Boss Lady helped orient him when he hired on and has nothing but good things to say about him.

Getting more stamina back on a daily basis. But still not past the point of getting a bit short of breath when stooping over, carrying something, or walking at a normal pace for any distance.
About the same level as an out of shape old fat guy.

Hey. Wait a minute. I AM an out of shape old fat guy!
Gonna have to get somebody on that right away.

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Finished up the Lovenox Sunday night. I really, REALLY dont miss that stuff!

Now taking only Xarelto which doesn't require monthly blood checks and has no dietary limitations. Can still eat greens and broccoli, and such! Just a little (expensive!) pill does the deed.

Basically, got my life back as far as medication.

Went in to the office 25 miles away yesterday and today. My backpack contains everything I need in an office. All I get "in the office" is a shelf, a phone, a network connection, and a chair. So I lug everything I need in and out every day.
Yesterday I hauled my backpack on a wheelie cart. That was a wrestling match!
Today I decided to give it a go carrying in and out. It's a couple hundred yards from where I park to the office. Downhill to the office, so it's uphill going home. No problems, either direction. Sure, a little labored breathing going uphill, but recovery was quick (<10 seconds).
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