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Quite a few years ago I had to go the Dallas area for a week long automotive Electrical class. A large Hotel around the 75/ 635 highway was the host. There were about 23 - 24 people in the class. Long story short, on the next to last day one guy had a phone fight with his wife and headed home but didn't tell anyone. The Cowboys had played the night before and a few went to the game or a bar and were hungover. So the next morn the instructor was giving everybody extra time to wake up .
Well this one guy never showed so a couple guys went to his room and knocked, no answer. The instructor got the hotel to open the door to see if he was ok and the room was trashed and he was gone ..
Well the police showed up and talked to us (at this time we had no idea he went home) . The policeman told us that this was a high crime area , thieves wait outside at the back door till someone staying at the hotel use there room card to get in . Not knowing your letting in a bad guy you hold the door open for some you think is staying there also. He follows you to your room and when you unlock the door he pushes you in and robs or rapes and some times kill you. Just had a lady killed a couple weeks ago down the street in a alley .
We all just sit there going wow no s#*t !!
The police leave and the instructor speaks up that's one reason I carry a 45, then everybody starts talking about CCW. Out of the 23 or so in the class 18 had there CCW and 12 of us had our weapons with us. A few of the others had flew in and didn't want to fool with the airport keep in mind this was around 9/11. After a short show and tell we did find out the guy got home safe and then back to studying we went.
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