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Not too long ago I returned a Vaquero to have the cylinder replaced. The gun had been abused. The cylinder was a mess. The point is the entire handgun looked seriously much better. A dinged up cylinder draws attention from the rest of the gun.

I do have a serious warning. Taking in orphan Ruger revolvers in can get highly addictive.

Added: IIRC the charge for replacing the cylinder was $170.00. All told, the cost was probably $200.00 including my shipping. May be worth a thought if the old cylinder won't clean up. Blue over pitting looks terrible.

That may sound like serious money. Might be worth a look at what these guns are going for new and used. I have sticker shock on much of the modern world.

Added: Removed suggestion of having grip frame reblued-stainless don't blue so well. Also, ask about aftermarket parts sending handguns to Ruger. Ruger is pretty strict concerning aftermarket parts.
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