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As others have stated, it's only bad if you don't clean the cylinders to keep the crud from building up and, since 38s use lead bullets, instead of jacketed bullets you find in typical 357 loads, you'll also want to keep that bore clean, but, then, you'd have to that with any gun that shoots 38s. I've shot a lot of 38s out of my GP-100 and it just means a bit more of a cleaning job, afterwards. No big deal.

In general, you won't get quite the accuracy with 38s, shooting them in a 357, compared to shooting 38s in a 38 only gun, but unless you are shooting in competition, not enough difference to worry about. I'd be willing to bet that more 38s are shot out of 357s every year than are shot out of 38s.
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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