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Shooting in Colorado

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My sympathy goes out for the family of hostage that perished in the school.

However this shows the inability of the police to protect people in our society.

I have no doubt that the law on guns not allowed on school campuses is totaly worthless.

The law did not stop a criminal with a gun from doing his dastardly deed.

I have concerns every day about my grandchildren being harmed or killed at their school.

I doubt if there will ever be a answer on stopping criminals from harming the innocent, and unarmed. Let us hope some day there will be.

Meanwhile! I will continue to carry concealed, and cautious as I travel my way through life.

As for the rest of you - I would suggest you do the same.
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That's who these scmbags prey on is the weaker person. The children and elderly can't defend their selfs as well. That's the perfect target for the scumbag.
What better place to go to prey on innocent people than a school full of kids where no one is allowed to have a gun? Yeah, the laws about no guns in school just does not make sense. In Isreal, most school teachers are armed (or at least that is what I have read.) In many of these school shootings the idiot was stopped by civilians. In my home state of KY at Paducah where that one idiot kid shot up the place the principal went out to his car and got his gun and the little creep gave up right then and there. At the law school in Virgina, or West Virgina, two or three of the students did the same thing, went out to their cars and retreived their personal guns and stopped the fool. Do you hear about that on the news? No way! Bernard Goldberg wrote a book about this called Bias, and that is one example he used of media bias. He did a nexus/lexus search of that incident and if I remember correctly a grand total of 3 media outlets even mentioned the fact that the 3 students subdued the idiots with their own guns! Most news storys just said that 3 students subdued the nut, without mentioning the gun! If that is not biased, what is?
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You won't hear very much of anything good about guns as long as most of the media is controlled by the libs. If it wasn't for Fox news you probably wouldn't have seen slick willy make an a-- of himself last Sunday.
Oh I read that he done a fine job, and Bush dropped the ball. That's what was in print down here. Something about leaving a plan to get Osma, and Bush didn't follow up on it. I got to puke. Sorry..
ANOTHER SCHOOL SHOOT TODAY-:(:(:( If the idiots who make the exceptions necessary on CCW permits had their kids done this way-the first thing we'd hear is "Why wasn't anyone around to stop him???" If teachers, coaches, janitors, etc. who had permits could CCW at school-the outcomes would be different and the yellow dogs would go elsewhere---bullies don't like pain-especially the terminal kind. You're either qualified to carry or not-I feel so helpless everytime I have to go to the school-wondering what might happen and if my truck is safe while I'm in there-it's enough to frazzle anyone.
Here in Washington state in Benton County at least you can't even carry a pocket knife into the social security office or county courthouse. They took mine away from me when I went in for jury duty, acted like it was a suicide bomb or something but they gave it back to me when I left. Of course I had to sign for it. In 1974 I was a witness in a negligent homicide case. I was at work and the prosecutor called me and said to get right down there [Court House]. I had a ccw and was packing a s.& w. Chiefs special that I wore concealed all the time, I forgot all about it untill I was in the chair. Nobody knew I hhad it. Back then they didn't search you or run you through a detector. The defense attorney was such a jerk . He insinuated I was a liar, no wonder they don't allow weapons in court, probably had a few lawyers get their just desert.
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When I went to be fingerprinted for my CCW they took me upstairs into the County Jail. I saw no weapons signs but forgot that I always carry a belt knife. Realized I had it on when they were fingerprinting me in a cell that also had a prisoner it it. I am so used to carrying a gun now I have to watch or I'll do the same thing with a gun. If we are qualified and trusted to carry in public, why can't we carry everywhere? Don't make sence to me.
The libs know the conservatives may carry. They think they need some hiding places.
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