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Just fired my new 9mm Blackhawk today, for all intents and purposes, to me, it's not a "convertible" since I have to intent of ever using it as a .357......I have 2 other .357 Blackhawks, I bought this solely to shoot 9mm.

At 10 yards, I fired 6 rounds of Wolf 124 gr., with "reasonable" accuracy, they hit low but these were my first 6 shots with it. Then I fired 5 cylinders of Parabellum Research 124 gr., both with my arms rested on a table, kneeling, and standing, just to see what kind of accuracy I'd get. Then I fired 6 rounds of Winchester Defender +P just to see if the longer, hollowpoint rounds would chamber, and how the "hotter" stuff handled. By this time these rounds got lost in the cluster of holes but they hit within that big group. Might not win at Camp Perry with this but for 9mm at $10 a pop it's a great "in betweener" plinker when I want more than a .22 but just want to shoot ammo I can buy in bulk. I have a .357 Blackhawk that shoots cloverleafs at 10 yards, this 9mm BH isn't one of those "put em all through the same hole" type guns but for low-cost fun you really can't beat it. It shoots about as well as my P89, "service grade accurate". I also wan't using the best ammo today either.

+P still felt no hotter than a .38 +P out of a large revolver. Recoil was pretty much 0, gun is an absolute blast to shoot with 9mm, and IMO, the accuracy is more than adequate for a "fun gun". I had the rear sight cranked up to it's uppermost limit toward the last couple cylinders and it still hit low, I know some other forum members said these guns hit low. I have some 147 gr. I can try at some point soon to see if they hit higher. Other than that, my only option is to maybe find a higher rear sight blade, which may not exist in all black.....however I can get them in white outline from Midway and other sources. Since it's a 9mm I have no need to keep the sights "traditional" . Since it's a pin-on blade I had thought of trying to find a more "range friendly" replacement but don't want to go with a fiber optic. I don't know if "Micro"still exists or still makes these rear sights for the flat top, but somewhere in the depths of my parts box I have a NOS Micro rear sight blade.
I'm not filing on the front sight or any of that, worse case scenario I'll just live with it when I use lighter ammo.

I love the Altamont rosewood grips, they're the thin "gunfighter" panels they sell, they work just fine since 9mm is far from a wrist bender and putting rubbers on a gun this pretty would be a travesty.

If I feel like it tonight, I'm going to try to put in a Super Blackhawk hammer, if not tomorrow night. I think it will handle and shoot much better with a lower, wider hammer spur.
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