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My two cents... To me, a 10/22 is a fine gun for plinking at a tin can with the kids, or hunting small game.

If you don't hunt and your sport is just punching holes in paper (particularly at longer ranges) then I'd buy a tool made for punching holes in paper at long range. In other words, the RPR or better.

You can try and turn a 10/22 into a benchrest tool just like you can try and turn an old pickup truck into a sports car. Or for less money you can just go buy a new Corvette and be done with it.

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I recently found an RPR at a good price at Cabela's. Haven't been to the range with it yet. I hope to get a lot of use out of it.

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I would build the 1022, I started mine with the Kidd barrel. The only 22lr rifle that shoots better is my Anschutz. The satisfaction you get from building your own rifle is worthwhile. For cool looks the RPR is great, for accuracy save for the Tikka or Anschutz.

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Get the RPR. It is an amazing gun and very affordable also.

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If going for accuracy, i would think about the medium weight KIDD barrel instead of the light weight. Their light weight barrels are great, but no accuracy guarentee.

For the trigger i would say the 2 stage KIDD trigger instead of the hammer kit.

Full KIDD bolt instead of just an extractor

Just some things to think about.

If putting together a plinker/hunter the lightweight barrel and hammer kit will be fine.

But, i would still suggest the full KIDD bolt or a JWH bolt.

The RPRR has it's flaws. It isn't that accurate until you change the barrel. The safety is known to get stuck. A CZ 455 or 457 would be a better out of the box rifle. Or the Bergara B14-R would be another outstanding choice before stepping up to a Anschutz, Vudoo or RimX

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For the price of a Ruger Precision Rimfire, I don't think I would waste my time throwing my $s at a 10/22 unless I just wanted a project to keep me busy.

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It depends on what type of guns you like.
I bought an RPR rimfire and hated it, I'm not a fan of bolt action, but thought it would grow on my, well it didn't.
Out of the box the RPR rimfire needs work to be halwsy accurate and reliable.

I'm all about fixing a 10/22 and calling it done.
It us expensive but I've got a KIDD gun that is as accurate at 100yds as the RPR rimfire. I've not shot past that distance mainly because my eyes aren't great, but unless you plan to shoot longer distances don't bother with the RPR rimfire, build a KIDD gun and call it done.

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It all depends on what you are wanting to shoot. Accuracy at 50,100,200 and beyond? Little one hole style? Or accurate enough 2 to 3 moa at 100.
Not only do you need to look at equiptment but ammo choice has allot to do with it as well. Some rounds perform way better than others and each rifle has it's own preferences.
If you want to build a kidd then just buy it out right. One part at a time is going frustrating.

Here is a link to a guy who has gone down the rabbit hole with a stock 1022.

After watching this one you have to go an watch his other videos.

Me personally I am currently happy with minute of bottle or can at 100. I did end up getting that binary. Wow!!! Now that's plinking fun.


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All the upgrades & parts to make a 10/22 a world class shooter seems like a such a waste of time & money to me. But, If that's what you are lookin for, more power to you. But, you will have more money in it than most would pay if you sold it.

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I had a 10/22 that never got shot. I put a bull barrel, $100, worked the trigger pull down myself, and frankly I could easily hit the staples holding the target up. Then I bought a 80% frame, put a 10" kidd barrel, bolt, etc. I made a Charger basically. That gun will outshoot any 22 I've shot. Even out to 200 yards it's amazing. That was a fun project!

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I'm partial to the 10/22, as it was the first firearm I ever purchased. I still have that one, bone stock except for the scope.
A few years ago I built up an "extra" one with a 16" Ruger target barrel, a Magpul stock, Hornet 2 lb trigger and a cheap Bushnell scope I had laying around.

The rifle balances perfectly for me, it isn't too heavy and it'll knock over the rams (offhand) at 100 meters. Plus, it's been perfectly reliable and not fiddling with a bolt allows me to concentrate on sight picture and trigger squeeze. I initially planned on using the Bushnell as a "stop-gap" until I could find a "better" scope but since it's worked well for all these years why mess with a good thing?

I've looked over a lot of other .22 rifles at my LGS since building my 10/22 but I really haven't found a "replacement" for the 10/22--it works for me.

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I've been thinking of modifying my10/22. It looks like a great way to go and a fun and rewarding project but it really adds up quickly:

desired 10/22 mods:
Kidd Barrel KIDD .22LR Lightweight Fluted Aluminum Sleeved Rifle Bull Barrel 269
boyd stock 157
Kidd extractor 12
Guide Rod and spring set. 14
Bolt Buffer 6
total without trigger kit =458

Kidd 鈥渢rigger job kit鈥 115
GRAND Total =573

I am starting to wonder if the Ruger precision rimfire would not be a better solution. I would save a hundred bucks and end up with two rifles.
I'm sure some folks here have both, how do they compare?
Just do the Kidd barrel . I did and mine shoots 1/4" groups at 50 yards with good Ammo
Polished the trigger , all else it stock
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