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Looking to sell my Sig P228 w/ Rail with some extra holsters and 3 13rd mags with pinky rests.

This gun is posted on other sites. I apologize if you inquire and it is sold.

You can view more pictures at this link

My price is firm, but I can come down in price if you make the sale easy for me by traveling nearby (preferably Classic Pistol, Tanners, Claytons).
I will also reduce the price to 675 if you do not want to purchase the Miami Classic II.

I'm investing into a 1911 with intentions of it becoming my EDC. I can't justify having more than 1 carry piece at the moment, so I'm hoping to sell this to fund my 1911 purchase.

I bought it "used" in February. I say "used" because it looked like there was maybe 2 mags run through it. There was hardly any wear on the internals, rails, etc. I personally put 500rds through it and it was perfect. To be conservative, I'd put the round count at 600. Cheap Tula, nice Fiocchi all went downrange. I've only ever tested the Ranger HP ammo, but I'd imagine everything else would function just as well.

The only thing to mention is that there is a slight (pinprick) size mark on the frame just above the trigger guard. I have no idea what it's from, but if you have a Bluing pen or something it should cover it right up. Also, light carry wear around the muzzle and bottom of the grip from reloading.

There are Sig Nightsites on the gun. They aren't super bright, but they aren't dim either. Date on the case says 2009, so they're a little old.

I have a Galco Miami Classic II. The straps are cut to fit me with a little room for adjustment (I think about 3 holes in each tail), so if you have a bigger upper body, the holster might not fit you. I'm 6'3" 175, slim upper body/narrow shoulders. I think you can order new straps? I'm not entirely sure. I do not have a set of tie downs for this holster.

I also have a Remora holster. It's not something I'd want to carry this gun in all day every day. But it definitely gets the job done when you need to throw it in your pants for a quick run to the store or around the house.

My normal carry holster is a Old Faithful kydex/leather hybrid kit. I ordered it since they didn't make a P288r version, and I wasn't sure the P229r had the same dimensions so I wanted to test it out for cheap ($35). But it fits perfectly and I haven't had anything bad to say about it.

Included with the sale (if it's local) will be 100rds of Brown Bear 115gr Bimetal FMJ and I think it's a whole box of Winchester Ranger 147gr Hollow Points.

I will ship on your dime (725/675 + whatever method you prefer). I prefer to make the sale locally so I can get the last of this ammo off my hands too. Anywhere around Philly, MontCo, Bucks and up to King of Prussia I can do
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