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Dear RF.Net Members,
In an effort to maintain the desired look and feel of RF.Net, the staff has agreed on the following guidelines as they relate to the Signature Icons displayed here. Please read these guidelines completely before adding Icons to your signature line, and feel free to contact a staff member if you have any questions or issues.


1. Only the signature icons contained in this thread are permitted for use in your signature line (home made icons, pictures, animated "gifs" or banners are not allowed). Also, links (business, other forums and organizations, YouTube, etc.) are not permitted.
2. You may have a maximum of 16 icons in your signature at any given time with a maximum of 8 per row (feel free to change the mix as often as you want).
3. Your icons must be displayed in horizontal rows (maximum to two rows). Please note that vertical stacks will not be permitted as the staff feels that the amount of space required detracts from the "readability" of the forum.
4. While the new guidelines will not automatically adjust your existing signature, we would ask that each member make the necessary adjustments to bring their signature in line with the new standards as soon as possible.


1. You are currently reading these directions in what we will refer to a window #1. Open up a new window (window #2) on your browser and go to the RF.Net forum main page (do not close window #1 as you will need it to copy your icons of choice)
2. In window #2, Go to your "User Control Panel" and select "Edit Signature".
3. In window #1, Right click on the icon you want to add to your block and select "Properties" (if you have the option to "copy URL", do so and skip to step #7)
4. Highlight the URL Address with your cursor.
5. Right click on the address and select Copy.
6. Cancel the Properties box.
7. Go to your profile (in window #2).

8. Right click in the white Signature area and select Paste.
9. Type in the IMG and /IMG tags with the brackets (see example above).
10. Update the profile and Repeat the procedure for each icon.
11. Note that your new icons will now show in subsequent posts (they are not retroactive to previous posts), and that any future adjustments to your signature icons will be reflected in all posts that contain your icons.

I hope this helps you out...:)



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