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since this is the tavern...

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whats your favorite beer or mixed drink, on non alcoholic drink, for that matter all of the above if you feel like it.

mixed drink, mint julip
beer, something good and dark preferably home brew
other, coke i hardly ever drink it anymore but dang is it tasty.
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Coffee first thing in the morning, after that, most anything. I like tea, milk, pop.
Lately I've been in the Peach Tea mood... Coffee and Diet 7-Up.
My favorite beer is St. Pauli Girl Dark. My favorite whiskey is Wild Turky 101. My favorite non-alcholic drink in coffee!
Coffee, coffee, Wild Turkey 101 Labatts' Blue, and Miller Draft-oh, and milk-about 6 glasses a day---of milk.
Coffee, more coffee, Wild Turkey 101, Labatts' Blue, Miller Draft, and milk-about 6 glasses daily-----of milk.
Coffee in the morning, and water the rest of the day.
I had that problem, too-Doc said I was drinking way too much coffee:D:D
Coffee, water or an Arnold Palmer. [8D]
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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