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S&W Govenor

S&W Fans:

During a recent visit to a LGS I found a used S&W Governor in " like new " condition, with case, manuals and all moon clips. The price: $499.00. Needless to say, I placed it on Lay-Away without hesitation.

After reading related gun reviews, I found many firearms owners feel this is a novelty gun that may not be a recommended/effective home defense gun. Many stated that a .410 000 buck cartridge would not be effective at stopping criminals beyond 15 ft. Furthermore, others claim this revolver offers marginal accuracy when .45 ACP or .45 long colt ammunition is used...

This has made me reconsider my decision to invest money on this type of revolver. Please share your thoughts and suggestions.
Don't be discouraged. Opinons on SD handguns range from snub-nosed .22 revolvers to .50 Cal. Desert Eagle semi-autos. Paraphrasing Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch---'buy what you like, stick with it, and practice. No two people are alike any more than the weapon they're confident with'.:D
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