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Many stated that a .410 000 buck cartridge would not be effective at stopping criminals beyond 15 ft.
Most exchanges of gunfire, even in home defense will be 12 feet or less, but even out to 30 feet tests indicate SD rounds or Buck will group tightly and penetrate effectively even through heavy clothing.

000 Buck at close range to 10 yards through heavy cloth. Penetration 10 to 16"
Ballistic Gelatin Results

PDX 1 at 6 feet penetration 13"
Inside the Judge

PDX1 at 10 yards penetration 12"
.410 Revolvers - Guns & Ammo

Disk grouping at 15 yards, all center mass.
Taurus Judge With Winchester PDX1 Loads - YouTube

Of course these tests were with a Judge. That S & W knockoff may not perform as well. :D
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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