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The gun you're looking at is a Smith & Wesson Model 22LR Revolver.
Stainless Steel & Double/Single action 8-shot revolver.
This gun comes with the red dot front sight, and it's a DREAM TO SHOOT.
Accuracy with this thing is incredible, and it will definitely help you shoot your other larger caliber weapons better.
This gun was bought NIB from my local dealer about 3 months ago.
I test fired this weapon at the range with 20 rounds of CCI before I bought it, and haven't had the chance to shoot it since.
I just started medical school, so I need to sell anything I won't be using much to gain some profit.
This weapon is in pristine condition.
It will come with a Hogue Monogrip for better target acquisition.

The gun will come with the original box with serial number stamps, wax paper, warranty, test fire factory brass, user manual, and safety manual.

These guns sell for $759 + tax/licensing new..that's almost $850-900 total.
I'm only asking $550, that is including the $25 for the hogue monogrip. It's a steal at this price and don't expect it to be online for long.

email me at [email protected]
call me at 949-302-8958

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