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After loading up 50 38 special snake shot loads using the speer shot capsule the other day I decided to do a little experimenting. I loaded up some snake shot using 357 magnum cases and waddings over 5.5 grains of universal to compare.

I started by punching out some waddings from a piece of thin gasket material using an old 38 case. After priming and charging the case I used a wooden dowel to place one of the wads over the powder. I then filled the case almost full of #8 shot and placed another wad on top of the shot. I used my seating die to make sure everything was firmly in place and put a light roll crimp on the case.

The first test showed that I needed something to hold the top wad more firmly in place because it would come loose with recoil so I did a little searching on the Internet and came up with a couple of ideas. One was to put a little Elmer's white glue on top of the wading and let it set overnight and the other was to use hot glue. Interesting enough after the Elmer's drys it is almost impossible to tell the difference between it and the hot glue. I placed one of each in the cylinder and fired eight of the other rounds. Neither one of the two showed any signs of coming loose. The Elmer's is the way to go because it is easier to use.

As far as shot capacity there isn't enough difference to be significant. I get around 96 grains of #8 in the speer shot capsule and 103 grains of #8 in the 357 case.

Now for the range report. I was surprised that at a distance of 10 feet I consistently got better patterns with the shot in the 357 case as compared to the speer shot capsule. I didn't get the chronograph out today but I plan a second test to compare velocities when I get back from Washington state late next week. The speer shot capsules are cleaner because you do get some leading from the loose shot.

These were fired from a SP101 with a 2-1/4" barrel.
Top image is from 5 feet and the bottom image is from 10 feet.
Shot capsule is on the left.

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