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So if my day wasnt bad enough!

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Sorry people time to vent:( Heres out it goes, today pretty much takes the cake in my book. The large company the I work as a hardware software tech decides to launch us on a whole new parts and call management system starting today! Are old system was fairly simple and we all thought it worked really good. It was all done through a phone in system. This new crap they give us has to be done on these new PDA phones that they gave us today aswell, needless to say we had no time to figure it out just make it work. Most of my job involves driving in the country, so cell coverage needs to be important. Well these fancy new phones they give us dont work worth a crap, I get five minutes out of town on a 2 hour road trip and Im already with out a phone. Not only this was not the safest thing to do, I aswell could not get my work info. Man talk about stupid:(Enough with that it ticks me off to think about it! I get home from a crapy day at work and decide to blow off some steam at the range. And now my fairly new 22/45 MKIII decides it wants to crap out and locked up good on me! So now a crappy day just got worse:( Sorry for ythe speach guys but it was either vent on here or toss somethin! lol
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Sorry you had such a bad day. :(

Especially sorry that your gun locked up on ya! :( :(

Best advice I can give you on the bad day... remember tomorrow is a brand new day. [8D]

Best advice I can give you on the Mark III... trade it for a Mark II! [^]
I don't know why companys want to fix something that aint broke.
I have been involved in a lot of new technology changes over the years. I've never had one that wasn't a pain. You usually think its not worth it by the time you get the bugs out, but hopefully things will be better later. Just grit your teeth and say tomorrow will be better. :)
I sympathize with you my friend. Someone always seems to have a new and better way of doing things. Too bad they don't do a little testing before they commit to the project. I really feel bad for you because your Mark III is not cooperating. At my age, that would concern me more than problems at work. I've been dealing with that for years! (See my rant on common sense)
Thanks people, I had to blow some steam off! Ya I of coarse was more concerned about my 22/45 problems then my work problems. I just had to walk away from all of it and think about it for abit, other wise I might have done more damage then is already done. The gun is still broke and I still have to go to work.
Most companies simply change things for the sake of changing things. Their motto should be “if it ain’t broke, fix it till it is”!
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