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SP101 are they ok

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I just bought a GP100 and am thinking it needs a companion. I have thought about an LCP or LC9 or an SP101. I prefer revolvers so my question to the SP101 guys do you like yours?
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Went to pick up my Wiley Clapp edition found out someone had come to buy it, but I already did. I also was going to order an SP 101 and they had 2 in stock that had just come in. 2.25 inch 38 Spl. So I bought one of those too. I will post pictures later in the week.:D:D:D
Congratulations! This has been a VERY GOOD week at your place!
SP101 are they ok
No, They are not OK, They are GREAT! :D
There's my two cents. ;)
Ruger SP101s are one of the sweetest little snubbys ever made IMO..
Here's a couple of gems on the left a 38spl SPNY & on the right a DAO 9mm both wearing hogue wooden grips shown along with a Ruger MKII Target & SIG P225 all with Fiber optic front sights, The SP101 sights came from Gemini Customs..
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Sp101 a fantastic choice

I strongly recommend the sp. The "3" in is perhaps the most versatile revolver in existence. Ccw,home defense, trail, hunting, plinking, It will do it all.
just to tempt you. Mine's great (in .327)

Where did you get the black laminate grips? Very nice and look great on the stainless.
Matched pair, 4"GP100 and 3"SP101 both in .357, I have matching wood grips for the SP just not able to upload pics at the moment.

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For what it's worth, an SP is what I use for my BUG when on duty. It is a solid performer, no worries at all. Heaven knows, I need to have SOMETHING reliable to back up that piece of junk Sig they make me carry on my hip....:mad:
My SP 101 has the Crimson Trace laser grip/sight on it fron the factory. It is a nice compact revolver.
Best small revolver made .... bar none.
I bought a .22lr SP101, and liked it so much that I picked up it's matching .357 4.2" shortly thereafter....

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I've had my SP101 for a few years now and still love to shoot it. It's a 2.25 in Barrel .357 . Great little gun !
Can't beat a SP101.
I have the 2.25 in. DAO version. I added Pachmayr grips.

Do I like it? Yessir. Small with a big punch and yet controllable.
someday I'll get a 3".
I've got the SP101 in .327 fed mag. Shoots 6. Shoots .32 caliber which is a nice, easy load to shoot. Going to .327 will give you almost as much bang as the .357 but with the option of the nice & easy shooting of .32 caliber, which is big in Europe, not so much here. That's the drawback; everyone has .38 and .357 caliber, not so much the .32 and .327.

In short, I like a gun that doesn't hurt when you shoot it. Make of that what you will.
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Of the many Rugers I own, I can tell you I have three SP's a 22LR 4", 327 Mag 3" and a 357 Mag 2" all great firearms. Also have the LCR in 22 and a LC9 All of which have been problem free.
Natural choice for the GP owner !!

Same ammo ,dies for reloading bullets or boolits .

Mine is a true little brother as it`s 38spc.

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Nope, they are not OK. They are very good, and after you throw the Wolff springs in they are awesome.
I have the SP101 in .357 with a 4.2" barrel.
When I got it the grips were to small for my large hands, the trigger was rough and heavy and the cylinder hung up in slow DA mode to the point that it was impossible to pull the trigger with any control...
Hogue grips made the revolver fit my hands much better.
A couple hundered rounds smoothed out the cylinder hanging up so it is completely gone. A home done trigger job and Wolff hammer spring smoothed out and lightened the DA trigger (SA was always fine) and now I love this thing. Different animal now.
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