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SP101 in .22LR

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Scored a SP101 in the long discontinued 6 shot .22LR
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I’ve bought a lot of handguns and rifles in the years since but not one of them has been a new Ruger. In fact until I get the $75 they still owe me, I’ll never buy another new Ruger. Which means basically never.
That’s a shame. I worry about new product too. My early issue GP-100 and NM Blackhawks are great guns. I have been considering an SP-101 in 9mm b/c I actually like moonclips and the SP has the heft I like in a snub. I would look for an older one. I no longer trust quality control at S&W or Ruger for new guns.

But that does not mean you won’t get a great one, new. I have a Taurus that has held up well over the decades. I hope that is the case for the OP’s Ruger.
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