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Ok I know this has been talked about in detail here, but. I have done everything I can think of to get my SR 7.62 to shoot suppressed with my AAC SDN-6. Polished chamber & feed ramps, different ammo, JP capture spring & extractor, Gieselee trigger, etc ,etc. I haven't sent it to Ruger because I've a friend who is a Master Smith... If it didn't shoot so well un suppressed I would of sent it back long ago...

Its 561-110## serial range & has the pro mag issue magazines... And it shoots any ammo fine un suppressed & is very accurate. But when I screw on the suppressor it starts to jam on any gas piston setting. I find it interesting that it will sometime cycle even with the gas piston on zero... Weird.

I expect it is "over-gassed" it shows all the signs and I'm outta ideas...

My Gunsmith friend says just shoot it without the "can" which is fine, but I bought the rifle strictly for this purpose. Any ideas out there???
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