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I've had my SR22 for several years and it's been through several thousand rounds of trouble free use. Feeds all kinds of ammo without any issues and is accurate enough. Unfortuantely, while at the range recently it jammed about halfway through a magazine. It was unexpected because I've just not had any problems with it in the past. I cleared the jam and as I racked another round into the chamber the slide came off . . . I found that odd so I looked down at the slide stop and it was still engaged. I cleared the gun and put it back in it's carrying case to investigate further when I got home.

When I got home to field strip and clean it I examined the slide stop and could tell it was damaged. I got on line and looked up Ruger's customer service number and gave them a call. I explained the situation to the nice lady at Ruger and she explained to me what I needed to do to send it directly to Ruger and said if I'd box it up, mark the box with the RMA number on the outside, they'd send UPS to come fetch it.

The very next day USP picked up the package and I had the gun back in 9 days with a brand new slide stop installed and a note saying my SR22 had been repaired, test fired, and cleaned. The best part was there was NO CHARGE for the repair or shipping both ways.

I had it back out at the range this afternoon where I ran 200 rounds though it, both with and without a suppressor attached, and it ran 100%. First time I've ever had to deal with them but I'm pretty impressed with Ruger's customer service.

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