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Never shot a lot of Remington ammo but several things could cause this. You mention it's a new pistol. Was it cleaned properly before shooting? Some manufactures freely lube up their firearms since they don't know how long they will be stored. There could be some in the striker tunnel. Could be a striker or striker spring. Compare the primer cup intentions with the fired cases and the duds. Do the intentions look the same as far as depth and roundness? Do you have another brand of ammo to shoot and see if its more reliable. Try some regular American ammo like Winchester or Speer. You can also call Remington. If you still have the box you can give them the lot numbers to see if they have had issues with them. Try to push the striker forward after removing the slide. Does it move freely? Lastly you can get a local smith to inspect it or you can call Ruger to inquire about sending it back. It will be a warranty issue. Most importantly, DO NOT carry or otherwise rely on the handgun for protection until the issue is resolved and the weapon is 100% reliable. Your life could depend on it.
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