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Hello all.

I have just purchased a 10/22. When I was unpacking it I the rear sight was laying down so I tried to lift it up. Even with using both my thumbs on each side I could not move it. I returned it to the dealer and one of the employees was able to get it up. He was able to move it up and down a few times but it was very stiff. I have to put both my thumbs on it to move it. I have handled other 10/22 rifles and the sight moves easily. The employee suggested that they oil the sight and that would reduce the stiffness.

Is this a type of action you would recommend?

I called Ruger and I thought they said they would send a replacement sight. I am fairly inexperienced with firearms so replacing a sight is a little intimidating to me. I am concerned about getting it aligned correctly so it shoots straight. I have an e-mail to them right now regarding this issue. Should I see if they will let me send it to them to replace and align it?

While I was very excited about my purchase initially right now I am a little disappointed in the quality control and I am wondering what other issues I will discover when I begin to fire the rifle. I know this is a very minor issue but I was not expecting any problems at all.

One other question. Do you know what type of modifications would void the warranty? For example, would changing the stock void the warranty? Should a person wait until the warranty is expired before doing any modifications?

Now all I have to do is find a place to shot frequently. Not any clubs in my area that I am aware of.

Thanks for your help.
First, I'm guessing you haven't read the owner's manual. There is no "warrantee". Regardless, simply changing the stock doesn't have any connection to anything internal not anything that would affect anything that would be of concern of any "warrantee".
I certainly would be too concerned over a stiff sight blade. Once it's up, why move it? Changing it would be a 5 minute task even for an amateur. It's nothing close to an issue warranting sending the entire gun back. I would wonder why the gun shop would suggest oiling the sight but not offering to provide that feee drop of oil.
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