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Hi guys,
I recently bought a Mini 14 Tactical and had a chance to shoot it briefly last weekend at the family farm. I was mostly punching paper with it and getting it sighted in with a few different kinds of ammo (all of which shot flawlessly). I took it out to the club with me for our monthly dinner tonight and we were plinking with it outside at the rifle range. I put a 20oz plastic soda bottle out at about 50 yards standing straight up. I shot the bottle with open sights at 50 yards standing and got nothing. I changed my POA and still nothing. I tried sitting, nothing. Handed the rifle over to a friend, nothing. Anyway... The range went cold and I walked down to retrieve the stupid bottle so I could bring it in and set up a paper target to try my luck with sighting the rifle again (I thought I mucked something up and didn't sight it in properly). Well lo and behold, that bottle was RIDDLED with holes. I don't know exactly how many of the 20 rounds contacted the bottle, but there were at least 2 dozen holes in it (entry/exit tells me about 12/20 hit the bottle). I did a little research and I was shocked to see that the rounds I was shooting were rated at 3270 fps muzzle velocity (2800 and change at 100 yards). Apparently it's such a small round at such a fast pace that it passes right through the bottle without disturbing it at all.

I'm really new to rifle shooting (I only have the Mini 14 and a Ruger 10/22) and have never researched ballistics or velocity.

It's got my curiosity up. I see me renting a high speed camera at some point and playing Mr. Scientist at the range. I just HAVE to see what a bullet does to a bottle at that speed at about 1000 frames per second slow motion.

Sorry for the random post, but I'm sort of geeking out about it at this point. I need to crunch some numbers, I think...
Congrats and thanks for the range report. I did the same thing w my Mini. Those rounds zipped right through!!! One the same subject(sort of) The American Rifleman tested the Windham Weaponry AR 16" barrel. Last time at Bass Pro's range my lowly Mini beat thier group! With my reloads.
So keep shootin that Mini, brother!! They're keepers for sure!
Man, if you do that science project keep us posted!!!!
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