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The first of a pair of Taylor's Uberti-made 44-40 '63s arrived today. T'other was inadvertently sent to an old address. Don't ask ....
First impression - Wow - what a beautiful gun. Second - this beast is heavy!

Yep, a full 5 oz. heavier than it's Uberti .44 C&B brother at 2 lbs 13 oz. Only CAS gun I own that weighs more is my '70s Colt 3rd Model Dragoon.
Several dimensions are larger - the top strap, cylinder diameter, barrel thickness ahead of the frame and at the muzzle. Some of the weight is due to the .429 diameter bore compared to the .44 C&B.

If this gun(s) shoots as well as it looks, I'll be more than pleased. If you're looking for something other than the run-of-the-mill Colt clone cartridge gun and don't like the thought of a C&B, check out the '63 conversions - 45 colt, 44-40, 38-40, 32-20; 5-1/2" and 8" barrels.

The bad news - it doesn't fit my Carrico .44 '63 'Slim Jim' holsters! Looks like I need new leather.
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