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I previously reported testing the original Trim It.
Setting up the Trim It II took about 5 minutes. Most of that time was spent learning how to make adjustments and setting up the unit so I would get the proper length.
Once I had all the adjustments made (there are four set screws and each one is used to secure the unit to the shaft. The other three are used to adjust the various cutting needed to get the correct case OAL.
I had about 30 cases availabe to try out the Trim It II case trimmer. In about two to three minutes I finished trimming all the cases.
I then used a deburring tool from RCBS to cleanup the inside of the mouth of the cases. The outside of each case didn't need any further cleaning up.
I measured each case after they were trimmed. Each case was either exactly 2.00 inches or less than 0.00" longer..
Final thoughts, the Trim It II. The cases were easly to from turning. The cuts made to the case mouth were. Lean with no jagged edges. The case lengths were consistent. Only the inside of the case mouth needed deburring and the deburring was significantly less than my traditional case trimmer (RCBS case trimmer). Time required to trim each case was less than 5 seconds. Cleanup was quick and easy. Adjusting the length of the case is done by loosening5 a set screw and turning The dial. I used a case of proper length as a guide.
On the down side, the unit is expensive $135 and each case die is $19.95. The unit only works with bottle neck cases and there are a limited number of case dies available.
Written instructions have just enough information to get you started. There are Utube videos on line that give through instructions on using The trimmer.
The case dies are sold separately or can be ordered with the Trim It II unit. There is a life time warranty on everything except the cutter.
I shoot a lot of .308 Winchester, 30/06 and 303 British. There are trim dies available for the cases. For more info go to their website Trim It Home.
To add a little more information, the Trim-it II has a transparent plastic cover that slides over the unit to keep the brass trimmings inside.
There is a second trimming unit that besides cutting also chambers the case mouth inside and out. I have not used it so I can't give any comments on how it works.
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