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Thanks for a lever forum!

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Looks like you got your Christmas wish JB. :D
Is this strictly for Rugers or any lever gun?
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Thanks again, Boss, for responding to our input-makes us feel at home...does anyone have experience with the Ruger .44 levergun to know if .44 Spl will feed well?
I'm here to make you guys all comfy. :)
Then lock Molly on as waitress in Early Risers'---I'll send you the $5.!!!!!
Thanks for the forum Keith, I have 4 of them counting my Red Ryder.
I think we should be able to talk about ALL lever guns, as I don't have a Ruger lever gun yet. But that 96/44 is on my list of must haves.

And BTW Keith, thanks so much for adding lever guns to the rifle line up.
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This "reply" is a bit belated, but...kudos for both the lever gun and single-shot additions. I'd think we'll certainly get a lot on the "other" levers, hopin' all th' while that Ruger adds to th' present lineup...
I am a lever gun fan, but I think the Ruger levers look like a 10/22 with a lever stuck on as an afterthought. They would have been more popular if the stock was redesigned, IMHO.
I have had Winchester 94's several of them never carried for how they loaded shell half in half out. I have switched to Marlins and love them I love the fact that you can add shells to the mag tube as needed. With the Winchester's can't be any shell's in the tube.
Molly is worth more that 5 I'd have to lay 10 down just to watch her pour my coffee.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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