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The best value in a new 9mm handgun today.

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That would be the Ruger P95, in my opinion. You can get a new one for around $325, they are totally reliable (at least mine is), accurate enough, and tough as mules. Anyone agree or disagree?
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quote:Originally posted by ghostrider_23

I hate very much to say this , but the CZ 75 in 9mm is a very nice pistol. It is one of the most accurate 9mm I have ever shot. The price is still very low and the quality and finish features are better than the P89 which would be IMO the secound best value in 9mm.
The CZ 75, original, made by CZ, gets rave reviews. I was going to buy their stainless CZ 75 9mm for my first 9......beautiful piece ...but then the SR 9 came along. For me, it'll be the Ruger. CZ needs to do more pistols with polymer frames, they make one in 9 and .40. Sig ought to do a lot more with polymer pistol development too.
Delt with CZ-USA folks before and they are good folks. CZ offers a fine line of guns. As far as i'm concerned, the biggest sleeper they had in their line years back was the "kadet" .22 LR conversion unit. I had one of those for my cz 85 and it was almost match-grade accuracy. Certainly would give an off the shelf std ruger mkII a run for its money.

As for Ruger, i will have to pass on the SR9 due to some personal issues about its design features and opt for the p89.
About a year ago I bought my first P95DC Ruger 9mm pistol and I love to shoot it. My dad when and bought himself a Browning 9mm. He paid $300.00 dollars for it and it is all metal and heavy. I paid $250.00 dollars and it doesn't make my pants falloff. One of these days I would like to buy a smaller one for my wife.:D[8D]
I like my P95 a lot but I do wish it had the same feel and grip of the 345.
And welcome to the Garbage man. I like that name!
quote:I never owned a Taurus. As a designer/machinst, aesthetics and details are important to me. The fit/finish on Taurus products is stellar. Their revolvers are perfectly blended/contoured. I was going to buy a 24-7. I also looked into their 5 inch military type pistol, the OSS. I went to a gun shop (where I'd never been before) and told the owner about my preferences and hobbies. He told me Taurus parts are hard to get......and in light of what I like to do , the guy was honest, and advised me not to go Taurus.That firm is not like Ruger when it comes to parts. So I decided not to go Taurus. I've read good thing about the EAA Witness line.....they are CZ type clones, GOOD ONES at a good price. Proper dimensions, good material, proper heat treatment.......these are the ingredients that go into a good gun.

If you have any questions pertaining to Taurus you should visit us at . We have a Taurus representative who visits to field questions from time to time as well as a few knowledgeable members including one resident gunsmith/moderator. We'd be glad to have you join us and if you'd rather not, that's fine too.

Best wishes. :D
I have the P95 as well as the P97. Both are great guns, nearly identical. I think as far as the best bang for the buck in 9mm, the P95 has to get my vote. They are really quite reasonable now.
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