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The Man With The Rifle

Men may argue forever on what wins wars,
and welter in cons and pros,
and seek for their answer at history’s doors,
but the man with the rifle knows.

He must stand on the ground on his own two feet,
and he’s never in doubt when it’s won.
If it’s won he’s there; if he’s not, it’s defeat.
That’s his test, when the fighting is done.

When he carries the fight, it’s not with a roar
of armored wings spitting death.
It’s creep and crawl on the earthen floor,
butt down and holding his breath.

Saving his strength for the last low rush,
grenade throw and bayonet thrust;
and the whispered prayer, before he goes in,
of a man who does what he must.

And when he’s attacked, he can’t zoom away.
When the shells fill the world with their sound,
He stays where he is, loosens his spade,
and digs his defense in the ground.

That ground isn’t ours till he’s there in the flesh,
not a gadget or a bomb but a man.
He’s the answer to theories, which start afresh,
with each peace ever since war began.

So let the wild circle of arguments rage
on what wins, as war comes and goes.
Many new theories may hold the stage,
but the man with the rifle knows.​

Author Unknown​

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+1...I thank God for all our vets, and those actively putting their bodies between me and the very real enemies that would destroy us..........
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