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Several years ago while touring in rural Mexico, I stumbled upon a local sitting on the wooden sidewalk in town, leaning against the wall next to the door of the Cantina.
He had a long stick in one hand and the other hand held a rope. The other end of the rope was tied to a burrow’s neck.
He was just about to nod off, when I asked, “Hey! You know what time it is here?”
He looked up at me, took his stick and pushed the testicles of his burrow toward the rear. He pulled the stick out letting the ‘cajones’ swing. After watching them swing to a stop, he said, “it is almost teen o’clock.”
I went inside, ordered a Budweiser and sat at the bar. Another American was sitting alone near me and he struck up a conversation, stating how backward things were in this small town. I asked him what time it was and he said, “9:57 local time on my Rolex.”
I thanked him and we exchanged buying rounds of drinks for each other for quite a while.
Upon leaving I saw the same man sleeping on the walk outside.
I kicked his boots a bit and said, “Hey mister, do you know what time it is here?”
Again he raised his stick, pushed the burrows balls and watched them swing. He said, “It is High Noon meester.”
I went back inside to ask the other American what time it is. He said’ “Why it’s 12:01 PM on my Rolex.”
I told him I met a man on the boardwalk and would show him something remarkable if he came outside with me after one more beer.
We drank about 3 more and went out the swinging doors.
I again bumped the sleeping man and asked, “Hey what time is it?”
Again he raised his stick, pushed the burrows balls and watched them swing. He said, “It is half past Noon meester.”
My new friend from the bar was amazed. He asked the local, “You mean you can tell the time by watching that burrow’s balls swing”

The sleepy local said, “No meester, I just have to move his cajones to see the clock in the bank window across the street.
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