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The Ruger SR-762, worth it?

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Hello all,

I am admittedly a complete rookie when it comes to not only ARs, but semi autos altogether. Tomorrow I have the opportunity to pick up a Ruger SR-762 in a trade, according to MSRPs and such i've managed to get a pretty good deal on it from my end. I saw they were discontinued, does anyone ere have experience with these rifles? Might this finally be the semi auto rifle i actually keep? I would only be into it for about $1,000.
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I'm no expert on the SR rifles, the price sounds fair given current conditions.

like you said, it's discontinued and worth twice what you're paying.
The SR762 is an excellent rifle. I would pick up another at $1k.
I kinda dig it. It’ll make its way to a little gun show tomorrow just in case someone wants to throw down some serious dough for it, but if I gotta keep it my feelings won’t be hurt at all.
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