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Turkey breast that was thawed out so... I'm getting creative.

Set this guy up in a brine in the morning before you leave for work. Then cut the quantity to compensate for the smaller size.

You just have the skinless breast meat so try to pump up some moisture content so it doesn't dry out. I figured you needed some insurance so... wrapped it in bacon.

Fire up "Old Smokey" and set it up for some indirect cooking and... your sipping on a cocktail right now waiting for the timer!

at 110 F internal temp... about halfway done!

Get some veggies sliced up (Zuchini and some summer squash) Those will hit the grill in a bit over the coals along with a vidalia onion.

Finished product... 150 F internal temp! It's going to rest for 10 minutes so the juices re-distribute! Very key tip to any good grilling!

Cut and serve.....


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