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Sorry to bore you guys with this stuff, I'm so new at it all I really appreciate the feedback and advice I get here.

Put my rear sight back to center and shot outdoors today. When I first arrived, the 7.5 yard positions were all taken, so I shot half a box at 15 yards. These targets are larger, outside diameter is 12", black circle is 6".

I didn't take a picture of the target at 15 yards, but it was not awful. From center to high left mostly.

Then I got a spot at 7.5 yards and used the rest of the box and got this (Oh, Sheepdog, I tried single action at 15 yards but went back to double action for this target):

Then just for fun I shot a box of 30-30 through my Model 94 at 25 yards. That was pretty far for me but every round hit the paper. Interesting pattern:
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