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This early S&W 586-1 was my friend's first quality handgun. It was his everything gun. It served for home defense, range toy, hunting name it. It rode many miles on his right hip, and it shows it. As his collection grew he just retired it to the safe. The finish is worn and has some pitting, the grips are beat up, and I know it's fired many thousands of rounds. It has the M stamp from the upgrade S&W did to the first L Frame revolvers. I am torn between leaving it as is or sending it back to S&W to be re-blued and gone through. As a tribute to my departed friend I think I would enjoy shooting this fine old .357 that holds so many memories. What do you guys think? View attachment 181042 View attachment 181043 View attachment 181044 View attachment 181045 View attachment 181046
This concept has actually been on my mind of late. Old guns are in fact similiar to old friends. At least to me. I think, depending on what your departed friend would likely do, I would keep it as is and shoot it. And sorry for your loss.
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