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Saturday is the Sunflower Showdown - K-State vs. KU football, and it's on tv. That's always a good show. Mrs. Rman told me today that she and our sister-in-law had an idea of something to do Sunday. I cringed a bit - malls and such came to mind. Then she said they thought we should go to Cabelas in Kansas City. She thought it would be fun to look around and there's a place close by that has all different kinds of resturants in one spot.

Heeee Haaaaw! Best plans I've heard in a while. I'm thinking about 1000 LP primers, a pound of W231 and 1000 cast SWC's or RN's for the .45 ACP if the prices aren't too bad. I just got to start reloading again. This shooting stuff is getting expensive!

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Looks like you have a fun weekend upcoming. We had an Academy Sports open in town this week. I swung by on the way home and bought some targets and a bulk pack of 9mm. I also bought some 20ga buckshot for my father.

If I'm not too lazy in the morning, I'm going to go to the range and function test my P95 with the Wolf hammer spring. Plus, I need to function test my 1911 with Wolf 18.5 pound recoil spring.

Sunday, we have tickets to a Third Day concert.
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