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Saturday is the Sunflower Showdown - K-State vs. KU football, and it's on tv. That's always a good show. Mrs. Rman told me today that she and our sister-in-law had an idea of something to do Sunday. I cringed a bit - malls and such came to mind. Then she said they thought we should go to Cabelas in Kansas City. She thought it would be fun to look around and there's a place close by that has all different kinds of resturants in one spot.

Heeee Haaaaw! Best plans I've heard in a while. I'm thinking about 1000 LP primers, a pound of W231 and 1000 cast SWC's or RN's for the .45 ACP if the prices aren't too bad. I just got to start reloading again. This shooting stuff is getting expensive!
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