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Just wondered if anyone had one of these. I like Rugers and the price is right.
Welcome to the forum.

You really should search the forum and find the in-depth review that Iowegan did on the SR1911 awhile back. There also was a balanced review of the Ruger SR1911 in the forum some time ago.

I have two 1911 "clones," a Ruger SR1911 and a Sig 1911 XO. Both are very good pistols, similar but still different in some subtle ways. I bought the Sig when I couldn't find a SR1911 in the Seattle area for over a year after release. The Sig was recommended to me, and it is also a sweet pistol. Both of them have about 200 rounds each downrange, and no issues. I have tried all types of ammo and magazines without any problems....except the magazines seem to empty too I run Wilson Combat and MecGar mags in any of my 45ACPs, including my old stalwart, my P90.

You can't go wrong with an American-made Ruger SR1911.
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