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Threaded my Muzzle Today

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My .22/45 Lite was one of two models that didn't come threaded.
I like the bluish/grey color and larger receiver cut outs. but the main reason I bought it was because of the price.

A guy had bought it thinking it was a threaded model, realized his mistake, and wanted to sell it (unfired condition), so he could buy a threaded pistol.
I still have a 1/2" x 28 die and .22 guide plug, so today I went ahead and threaded the muzzle.

I saved an extra $100 by buying his un-threaded model, and spent 15 minutes today and now have a threaded one.
My muzzle had a groove in the middle of the fat end, so the muzzle cap's O-ring would have a place to snap into.
But besides that groove, the rest was 1/2" diameter, so it went well.
Threads are freshly cut here, now I'll get the cutting fluid all off and hit the area with some Oxpho Blue touch up.
I'll probably screw on a TK Game Changer Comp.
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Thanks, js.
My skills are very minimal, I just happened to have the threading tools to do .22 and .30 cal barrels from doing several Minis.

I'm going to order the Volquartsen accurizing kit, I'm already dreading the install after watching some assembly/disassembly videos.
I'm probably going to wish I was like Edward Scissorhands but with needlenose fingers instead of scissors.
I might just send the frame in to Volquartsen and have them do the install for $68 extra.
Seems like the older I get the harder it is to do projects.
I got my threading tools from Carolina Shooters Supply and Brownells. You should be able to find what you need from one of those businesses.
BTW, the Volquartsen trigger kit install went well, a fantastic trigger now instead of the creepy, heavy one it came with.
I didn't keep the Tasco red dot on very long though.
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