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This might not be a REAL gun story, but it sort of fits.

Last year was my parent’s 40th anniversary. We had a quasi formal party at a nice restaurant with my family, my brother’s in-laws, and a set of my cousins and aunt and uncle.

The gift that I got them by chance was decided to be opened last. No one knew what it was, or anything or even who the gift was from. I just happened to find a REALY REALLY nice wood box shaped like a book to hold the gift in. So because it looked the most fancy it got opened last (and I guess it happened to be a nice climax to the evening).

So my mother starts to open the box, and upon opening it she found the note that I had wrote in fancy font.

“Till Death Do You Part”

She started to tear up with overwhelming sentiment. My blood ran cold at this moment, and I realized I might be in some deep **** for the unintended consequences of my satirical sense of humor. At this point, she doesn’t yet know what is in the box. For covered by the note is a set of DUELING PISTOLS (fake of course, but nonetheless not a sentimental item as she interpreted in the message of the note :)

All was well in the end, and everyone got a big ass laugh out of it, and there was a lot of mileage out of the discussion of this gift for the rest of the evening. I dodged the bullet (pun intended).

My cousin totally got my sense of humor. So I guess she and I get our dark sense of humor from my Grandmother (because no one else in my family is like this other than she and I, and my Grandmother).

Maybe I will get them REAL pistols on their 50th :) You’ll know it’s me when the news hit of an elderly couple killing each other with an anniversary gift.
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