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Sunshine and 70 degree temperatures in Michigan are too good to waste. A young man, Bubo2069, I have known from other forums for a while, and I, had been talking a bit about a range trip, and with the threat of rain Tuesday, we decided to go Monday, the 30th before the weather changed.

Bobo drove over my way and we met at the truck stop and I drove up to the secret DNR public range by Mason for a morning of shooting, hobnobbing, and calculated precision-shot placing.

Bubo brought his SKS, AK, Ruger P95 (?) I think it was, Glock 36, and Single Six. (I think I forgot one) I brought my Henry H001, Savage 112 FV in .223, and the Browning High Wall in .22-250, Ruger P90, and Rossi .357/38 Special.

The Savage was first up for me and shot it famously as usual. It still wears the BSA 6-24x50 I bought as an emergency measure in SD, but still works well and is actually my favorite scope.

The Henry was fun to shoot as usual and with the usual 22lr rainbow trajectory shot high at 50 yards and low at 100.

Then come the Browning that I’ve been trying to find a decent load for. I shot up a bunch of junk loads I had on hand and then went to one that had showed promise last range trip. I am happy to announce that it produced a dime sized group……finally, and I am very pleased. Two shots were touching and the third was a 1/16th from the other two. I’ll take it. (The load thanks to a gentleman here at Ruger Forun)

I fired Bubo’s AK which is fun to shoot, his Glock, and the Ruger. I don’t shoot handguns well without my no-line bifocals, but I shot the Glock very well without any corrective lenses but I could not get the same results with the Ruger. Bubo asked me what I thought about the Glock and I wasn’t too sure what to tell him, but now that I reflect back, I can now say that I liked it. The recoil was quite stout, but it was still easy to line up the sights and squeeze them off and hit where you wanted them. I was impressed.

The little range I go to up by Mason is small but is totally unsupervised which makes things pretty laid back, and the people that frequent it come there on a regular basis. There was a young man there again today I have seen several times before and had brought a new rifle that I immediately coveted…..I just couldn’t help myself. A Kimber in 6mm PPC, out of the box and with first run loads shooting less than ½ MOA. Makes me wonder what it will do when he finds a load it likes!

All good things must end, but that still wasn’t the end of the day. We packed up our gear and went on into Mason to the A&W where I had an olive burger and onion rings and Bubo had a double-bacon cheeseburger and rings. And of course some A&W root beer.

All in all, a really good day and good times with a really great young man who just can’t get enough shooting. I did what I could to satisfy his craving to put boolits downrange, but I think it’s only temporary!

I did take some pictures, but I am having trouble with my software, so until I figure out what’s wrong, ya’ll have to wait.
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