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Today there is a large auction in Evansville, IN. Over 300 guns listed with several more last minute add-ons to build the list even more. I have been watching the cataloge grow for a month, and am planning to head west shortly. (about 110 miles one-way)

Out of the total 300+ firearms, I have checked 30 that I could have a buying interest in, but will examine before the show starts to narrow my choices quite a bit. They range from a Saiga 308, to a Weatherby 300 Mag, to a Ruger 77 and another Ruger P91. Several Black and Redhawks to examine. A Browning 30-06 Lever gun stands out too. A couple of Mini-14's to check over and a bunch of sporterized '03A3's and Mauser 98's going cheap I'll bet.
I skip over the shotguns pretty much. Got too many now that I don't shoot, and haven't sold or traded. Several cheapie handguns listed. They flip easy, but no real quality there. 4 or 5 Anaconda's and other high-end Colts. I'll watch them, but they're too much $$ for my budget.

So it will be a fun day. I'll post the results later.

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I had a safety incident that I detailed in another thread. All is well, and I have been reminded of the need to check every gun I touch.

It was a very interesting auction. The Colt handguns...about 15 Annacondas, Pythons, and Diamondbacks really went high... from $1K to over $3K, The 03A3 Sporters (three of them) topped out at under $400 but the two still in Military furniture went to $500. Other stuff had it's ups and downs.

I came home with an assortment of 'FLIP' guns and a couple of 'keepers'.
1. Saiga 308 with wood furniture
2. Norinco 7.62x39mm also in nice wood furniture
3. Weatherby Vanguard in 300 Weatherby Magnum. Stunning wood, and good Bushnell Optics
4.Browning Model 81-L Lever gun in 30-06. Beautiful rifle.
5. Ruger Mini-14 SS wood body with SS folding stock. 3 big mags,
6.Benelli Nova Slug Gun 12 gauge. All Black Synthetic stock
7. Antonio Zoli 12 ga O/U Takedown Presentation Model. To pretty to pass by.
8. High Point 40s/w handgun (FLIP) LNIB
9. Makarov 380 another FLIP gun, NIB
10. EMF Remington 1975 Outlaw Replica- 357 magnum- Excellent condition.

I will try to get photos added today. The ZOLI Shotgun is stunning, The engraving and wood is really nice work. There were a number of Browning O/U's that went very high (they should!!) So this one got lost in the bidding and I got it very 'cheap'. I will probably sell it shortly to fund the next auction trip.

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Here are photos of some of my auction buys...
1. The Ruger mini 14

2. The Benelli Slug Gun

3. The Italian Replica of the Rem. 1875 Outlaw .357 mag

4. Browning BL-81 30-06

5. Weatherby Vanguard 300 Weatherby Magnum

6. Saiga 308 (AK Frame)

7. Antonio Zoli 12 ga O/U shotgun

I have a couple more, but they are strictly 'non-keepers'. A Norinco AK Sporter and a couple of low-level handguns.

What do you think of the additions????
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