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Tonights project ...

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Ever since I've started collecting P series, I've always wanted an adjustable sight on one. Well after some conversations with @Tacky I set the plan in motion to put a red dot on my P89. Mount is from EGW and the red dot is a Burris FastFire 3. Took some fitting but I finally got it down to where I could drift the mounting plate dovetail in. I'm pretty happy with the final outcome.

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@maddmatter1970 ... never shot a red dot before, so I'm looking forward to seeing how she shoots ...
Do you have astigmatism? Last week's attempt to see the front sight of my Blackhawk under our indoor range lighting reminded me why my Bullseye guns ended up with red dots a few years back. I dug out the S&W 41 yesterday, checked to see if the batteries still worked and was reminded that I do have astigmatism. The 'dot' that I see is more of a flattened, less than perfect oval on a roughly 1:30-7:30 axis. It is distracting but by keeping the brightness fairly low I can still put this 'odd' dot in the center of the target more easily than try to focus on a front sight.
I won't be drilling any of my Blackhawks (yet) because I can still see the front sight outdoors ... that day may yet come.
I do not understand the science behind it but where 'dot' sights do not play well with astigmatism, holographic sights like my Eotech are sharp and clear, adapting that hulking sight to a Blackhawk however is not even on my radar for the time being though.
Good luck at the range!

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