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Ultimately this is your build and you should do what you prefer, but I can give some input on the KIDD Trigger Job Kit

The installation was a breeze, and the result was fantastic for an $89.00 investment. Night and day difference from the stock factory trigger.

For the price and the ease of installation I would highly recommend it.

Hope this helps!
I was unaware of that kit... I thought when people said 'Kidd Trigger' they were talking about the complete one with two stage trigger...

There is a testimonial on that page that says it's as good a S&W revolver...not accusing anyone of lying but I am mighty skeptical on that one...

It doesn't seem to have an adjustable sear...maybe it does and I don't know it...

I am curious to know what the pre-travel is on it and if the slack can be taken completely out...

I have the power custom adjustable sear and VQ target hammer and installed my own post travel screw...results are pre or post travel...pull is about 50% of factory...most of the creep is gone but not 100%...

I have no idea how mine compares to the Kidd kit but prices are similar...and mine fits the aluminum housing fine but I also had a shim kit from to go with it...

I don't think you can beat that Kidd kit for $89 since it comes with
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