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Tulsa show, YEEESSSSSSSssssss!!!

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Walking around the Tulsa show today... I found a Ruger I've been wanting, a Single-Six .32 mag WITH the 4 5/8" barrel! YeeeeeHaawwwwwwwww!!!! :D

No box, but I can live with that for now. But it did come with an added bonus... a set of CaryC's custom grips! Looks like curly mesquite. Will have to email him the serial number and see if he can tell me. :D

Also picked up a very slightly used 50th Anniversary .357 FT, for a very, very reasonable price. :D

Lots of eye candy.... not enough dough in my pocket! :(

The Ruger displays were great! [8D]
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RP, did you see any old model vaqueros and if so was the price high? Saw a winchester 92 in .45 colt yesterday at a gun show in Wa. state, they wanted to double there money.
Hey, RP-sounds like you found what you've been wanting-now go back and get mine-I'll bet one's there somewhere-wear two pairs of socks-don't want you complainin' about sore feet all week-have fun!
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